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There is no substitute for learning Spanish with a trained teacher on-to-one or in a small class but it isn’t always possible to fit this kind of learning with your lifestyle or budget. Thanks to video conferencing technologies it’s possible to join a class wherever you are on the planet.

Our Spanish courses, which start at just £130 for 10 hours of tuition, cater from all levels from complete beginners to intermediate and advanced learners, suitable for those learning for employment, for travel, with a view to working towards exams or simply for pleasure and personal fulfilment. As well as the online session you will be given handouts covering the topics covered and to help you with little pieces of ‘homework’. Classes sizes are kept deliberately small so each learner can have some personal attention.

Live Online Spanish Lessons

All you need is a computer and a broadband connect to study Spanish online with the Language store. You can even use your Apple iPad.

Your teacher, Lidia, is a native speaker from Madrid, Spain and has many years of experience in teaching languages and holds UK ‘qualified teacher status’, which means she can teach in British secondary schools.

“I’d learnt some basics using books and CDs but I really felt proper classes improved my learning as it’s interactive and you get to ask questions to a real teacher” Bryan, UK

All you need to sign up for the Language Store’s online courses is reasonably modern computer an up-to-date web browser and a reliable broadband internet connection. It can also be beneficial to use an inexpensive headset (with headphones and microphone) for the best sound quality. The system we use to host the classes is backed up by a major provider of online meetings and is robust and reliable. Increaingly people are using the new generation of tablets in place of computers and there is a dedicated app for the Apple iPad.

To learn more about learning Spanish live online, check out the links at the top of this website. We hope you’ll learn spanish with us soon.

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