Why learning online?

Why learning online?

Technology is rapidly advancing. These days we can talk to our loved ones abroad from our mobiles really cheaply, we can even see them when we talk! It’s like being in Star Trek but in the 21st century. There great advantages for language learning.

One of the main issues many people encounter when looking for a suitable course or teacher for learning a language is distance and the difficulty of getting to and from the lesson. Many people have children to look after, don’t own a car and live in a rural area or their mobility is restricted. Technology once more is coming to our aid, online lessons using the Internet and one of the programs available to us all is the answer.

I like technology when I can use it to my advantage, that is why I have created the Language Store online school. Using a state of the art Webinar interface, I have started offering one-to-one and group lessons online. Clickmeeting is a lifely interface that allows me to use a whiteboard as well as shoe my students video clips or even presentations. My students can collaborate with me and type their answers on the board. The lesson is recorded, saved and emailed to the students so they can go over the lesson in their own time.

The interaction with Clickmeeting brings the online experience to a footing with real, face to face lessons, with the advantage that you can have your own recording of the lesson on a video clip and all the notes from the whiteboard on a pdf document!

To enjoy now one to one lessons using clickmeeting contact me clicking on the contact tab. For group lessons where you will interact with other learners (min 3 students, max 10 students) check out our next courses starting in January by clicking on the online classes tab.


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