Spanish and French online for Xmas!

Spanish and French online for Xmas!

It is that time again, when the town centres light up and shops start dressing their windows with colourful wares and wonderful Xmas scenes. 

Little lambs, little babies, mince pies and lots and lots of wrapping paper comes to mind when one is stuck in traffic going to the shopping centre for the hundreth time trying to find the right something.

What do you buy somebody who seems to have everything? Well, why not a key to understanding the mystery of language? I offer language lessons, one-to-one and small groups 2-4 students in my flat in Bristol, but as well classes online. So if you live in a village and don’t fancy driving in the cold, you can enjoy my Spanish/French lessons at home. You can also buy some lesson time for your family and friends as a Xmas present! Now, that’s an idea.



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